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Tuscan Column
Corinthian Capitel
Paneled Column
Tscan Column
Corinthian Column
Category: Architectural Stonework   
Natural stone columns add character to any space. The use of columns within the home is relatively unlimited. From private spaces to public areas, they can be used in just about every room of the house, including the master bath and kitchen.

We offer Columns carved from solid stone (Limestone and Marble). We have a selection of different materials from around the world including Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Italy, Etc. Natural Stone columns can be fabricated out of marble, limestone or granite, depending on the architects, owner and designer's specification.

Pieces of intricate detail can be hand-carved by skilled craftsmanship and/or by the use of state of the art technology, depending on the complexity of the detail required.

Regularly, natural stone columns have three parts: Base, Capital and Shaft. They are manufactured Hollowed (as a cover for structural columns) or solid. Some designs include: Tapered, Rope twist or Hexagonal. Classical order: Tuscan, Corinthian, Doric, Ionic and Composite.

Columns are special order items.
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