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Pietra Serena
Pietra Serena
Pietra Serena
Category: Natural Stone Tiles   

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24" x 24" x 3/4"
36" x 36" x 3/4"

Finish: Honed


About Pietra Serena:
Pietra Serena, "Stone color of the sky", plays an integral role in the history of Florence and other major cities in Tuscany (Italy). This material substantiates the cities' expression in its architectonic form and identity. Today we are witnessing the resurgence of the Pietra Serena as a material for the contemporary architecture. Pietra Serena is often perceived as modern or contemporary in mood, making it perfect for a minimalist setting. Pietra Serena is the compact, homogeneously colored blue-grey stone used in the Renaissance palaces and squares in Florence. The texture of the Pietra Serena is pleasingly uniform, fine-grained with bright spots due to the presence of chips of mica.

Pietra Serena provides strength and elegance, prestige and resistance to wear. Some prestigious interventions are the paving of the museum of the German Central Bank and the most important Apple Computer stores in USA.

Pietra Serena is quite durable, and with proper installation and maintenance it can perform very well; even in high traffic areas.
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